Flowers Acrylic Painting 11×14 Canvas Board 0207-1


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Floral Symphony in Mixed Shades” is not just an artwork; it’s an invitation to explore a vivid world of color and imagination. Perfect for injecting life into a room, this piece is a must-have for those who appreciate the finer nuances of artistic expression.

Discover the allure of artistic mastery with this vibrant 11×14 acrylic oil painting, elegantly showcased on a durable canvas board that’s ready to add a burst of color to any space. At the center of this captivating composition is a hand-drawn blue vase, skillfully shaded to a darker hue on its right side, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

The vase is tastefully accented with an orange base and a matching ring at the top, providing a delightful contrast to its cool blue tones. Rising from the vase are three magnificent flowers, hand-painted in rich shades of orange and yellow. These floral stars are set on medium-green stems adorned with lifelike leaves, capturing your attention with their intricately detailed centers, a mesmerizing blend of yellow and white hues.

The vase and its vibrant blooms rest on a table, rendered in intriguing shades of purple and brown. To its right, a miniature dark blue vase holds its own floral arrangement,four petite flowers in striking colors of orange, yellow-white, and blue, each perched on blue-green stems.

The backdrop is a radiant blend of bright yellow and light tan, adding a touch of warmth to the scene. What sets this artwork apart is its skillful use of mixed shades; there’s not a single solid color, making each stroke a blend of hues that adds texture and depth to the painting.

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